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Introducing FloydadaPumpkins.com. The site for Floydada Pumpkins.
Our site is still under construction. Please see www.punkinranch.com for more information
Welcome to our new web site!
Information on Floydada Pumpkins. The Finest ANYWHERE
Information about "Pumpkin Capital USA"
How to find Floydada Pumpkins.
Lots of tips for selection and keeping Pumpkins.
All about "Punkin Days" Floydada's Pumpkin Celebration October 9th 2004.
Pictures and information about "
Links and information about Floydada Pumpkin Growers.
Start by looking at the Hot Topics Graphics below
For personal service call 806 983-3322 or email tim@floydadapumpkins.com.
Make sure you get GENUINE FLOYDADA PUMPKINS. For a free sticker contact us.
Hot news
First pumpkin picked at Assiter Punkin Ranch, Hwy 62 South of Floydada (11 miles)
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Come to Floydada
For the Best PUMPKIN Experience come to Floydada. We'll find you a Pumpkin Patch
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Look at varieties and compare pumpkin types. Also pictures and uses for pumpkins.

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